drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

WHAT!!! The DOW Crisis is not THE Crisis!!!

The flow of finance to expanding companies--or, rather, the not-flow of finance to companies that ought to be expanding employment--is the problem.
[ cf As Paul Krugman Says, the Stock Market Is Not the Big Problem ]
Ok, so that is fromm the halcyon days when the DOW was at 9,000 points, and folks were trying to solve which was the real crisis....

But, ah yes, I must confess that I am probably having a bit too much Schadenfreund, since, well....

The news is all about the DOW, as if this were the issue... While the NeoCons are still trying to blame Jimmy Carter, rather than address the break down in any form of regulatory oversight of loan origination, and any sort of vetting of the process....

But as we have watched, the real problem has been the complete moral collapse, that has become a part of the world since the Rise of the Reaganite, "everyone for themselves" model of our america....

Who knows, maybe now americans will want to spend a bit more time understanding the problems, and that there are no Majikal Planes that will start raining new bags of Pooh on them, that can then be inserted in creditized debt swap hedge fund contracts in lieu of the Old Bags of Pooh, no matter HOW MUCH folks dress up like the Correct Cargo Cult of the FreeMarketeers....

Hum.... what if the players here in america are really worse off than the brightly painted savages in the uplands of Papua...
Tags: economics, war

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