drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

Help The Drieux Find A Home For A TadPole...

... as I just pointed out to a friend of mine,
Oh, speaking of which I have arrived at that absurd moment in my life.
I want to start shopping for a townhouse so that I can have the two car
garage, so I can buy this really cool trike I saw at the bicycle store.

Long story short - the orthopedic surgeon basically calls the problems that
I have with my knees, "Silicon Valley Disease" - since what has happened is
that the slow steady drop off in actual exercise has lead to wastage in the muscles
that keep my knee caps in place... So I was on the stationary bicycle twice today,
and I have put in about 30 Minutes... I can basically walk as far as I can walk in
15 minutes as well - which gets me from work to the "sports basement" store down
the road...

So when I have both the lungs and the legs for a serious bike ride of any value,
then we start shopping for a two car garage and attached tax write off scheme...
So yes boys and frogs the struggle to get drieux a tadpole is ON!

You Can Do Your PART!


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