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Why Worry Be Happy....

Hey kids....
This directive establishes a comprehensive national policy on the continuity of Federal Government structures and operations and a single National Continuity Coordinator responsible for coordinating the development and implementation of Federal continuity policies. This policy establishes "National Essential Functions," prescribes continuity requirements for all executive departments and agencies, and provides guidance for State, local, territorial, and tribal governments, and private sector organizations in order to ensure a comprehensive and integrated national continuity program that will enhance the credibility of our national security posture and enable a more rapid and effective response to and recovery from a national emergency.
Ok, so yes, the white House dot gov has not always been what one might call a reliable source of information... but here is a thot experiment.

SHOULD A PART OF THE CONTINUITY OF GOVERNMENT mean that the elections will still be held, even IF the War Lord is having a bad hair day, or any other reason that tickles the fancy of the War Lord???

I know I feel safer knowing that the elections are not considered a required feature....

Maybe in another release???
Tags: economics, election, war

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