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Prosecutorial MalWhatNeff???

The judge in Alaska Senator Ted Stevens's gift-hiding trial penalized prosecutors for failing to disclose evidence while rejecting the senator's latest bid for a mistrial.

U.S. District Judge Emmet Sullivan refused to end the trial or dismiss the case after the senator's attorneys accused prosecutors of improperly withholding evidence from them. The judge said he will instruct jurors to disregard some prosecution evidence and tell them the government knew some information it presented wasn't true.

[ cf Stevens Judge Penalizes Prosecutors, Won't End Case (Update3) }
Now for the KarlRoverianDraftDodgerKulturKampfrs, do be careful how you respond to this, as it may shoot your other foot.

Try not to get all whiney about judicial activism, and prosecutorial thingusOfPooh, and yes, please, try to remember why it was that
By 1976 or 1977, with federal charges against both fugitives dropped due to prosecutorial misconduct (see COINTELPRO), Ayers was ready to turn himself in to authorities
[ cf Bill Ayers, wiki }
So yes, IF you want to abandon the rule of law... Fine, feel open to say that you OPPOSE the rule of law, and therefore folks should never be, thingus'd of pooh, but by the dictate of the War Lord....

Otherwise, folks may want to return to the rule of law.

Or get a better tax shelter...
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