drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

Robert's Rules Of Order, Communist Front Organization...

Hey kids, did you know that SDS used Robert's Rules of Order in the formative days of the Port Huron Statement back in 1962. This clearly unmasks Robert's Rules of Order as a Communist Front Organization.

Granted, the alternative is that maybe the Sarah Pallin re-ramp of the "man steals from daughter's trust fund to pay for smear campaign", is, well, uh, also upset that in the early days of SDS, they were also known to use the Communist Tools of Aristotiliean Logic - showing why now more than ever we must win against Reasoning at All Costs!!!
Annihilate Rational Thought!!
Or The Terrorists WIN!!!
The other option of course is that poor MooseLady made a boo-boo, even if she does support gay marriages, and believe that father's should be allowed to raid their daughter's trust funds....
Tags: election, war

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