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Don't YOU just hate those evil European types with their god hating america bashing???
A president's son, a thriller writer and a former interior minister were among members of the French elite who went on trial Monday for illegal arms sales to Africa in a high-profile case dubbed "Angolagate."

But a lawyer representing the Luanda government said he would ask the court to throw out the case by invoking French confidentiality laws protecting military secrets of foreign countries.

Angola is opposed to "public discussion of information in a foreign court" that concerns its state interests and national security, said lawyer Francis Teitgen.

Dubbed "Angolagate," the trial on the arms-to-Angola scandal could shine a spotlight on alleged high-level French involvement in weapons deliveries, in violation of a UN arms embargo.

The trial centres on 790 million dollars worth of arms bought in eastern Europe from 1993 to 1998, at the height of the war pitting Luanda against Jonas Savimbi's UNITA rebels.

[ cf 'Angolagate' trial opens in France ]
Dudes, that is not even a Billion?

Like what is this????

The Desperate and the marginally paid????

Are things that tight in the rest of the world that they are not concerned about the billions and billions tha t the Evil Liberals have destroyed by not having faith in the divinity of dubya????
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