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Because they respect the vets....

In an opinion piece published yesterday in the Montana Standard, the state's GOP lieutenant governor, John Bohlinger, noted that one voter who's being challenged is Frank St. Pierre, an 86-year old ten-time Medal of Honor winner who helped save thousands of allied troops in Dunkirk during the Second World War, and happened to move across town recently. Bohlinger called the effort to challenge St. Pierre "an utter disgrace."
[ cf Montana GOP Targets WWII Hero in Voter Challenge ]
No seriously, when did the so called GOP types give one large egyptian rat screw about the veteran's community! Especially when there might be a conflict with the domestic political agenda...

I agree that 'ten-time medal of honor winner' sounds slippery, but the cited article gets closer to the bone:
Not only was the effort blatantly deceptive, but the Republicans based their challenge on a national change-of-address database from an out-of-state vendor who sells personal information. Among other problems, this database lists servicemen and women who have been deployed overseas as having moved out of Montana. In other words, if you go to Iraq, or Afghanistan, or Fort Sill, Okla., to report for active duty, you have "moved out of the state" according to this list.

A significant number of the 6,000 voters targeted were servicemen, including Kevin Furey, a former state legislator from Missoula who left the legislature to serve in Iraq; Cindie Kalan-Green, who is also serving in Iraq; and Mathew Robison, who I am told has been deployed to Fort Drum.
I am a Republican, and I will continue to be a Republican. But I am appalled at the leadership of my political party. I urge party elders to take action and promptly withdraw this outrageous effort to challenge the eligibility of legitimate voters, and to call for the removal any Republican Party employees responsible for this. This kind of activity has no place in a democracy. Finally, I would urge the voters of Montana whose registrations have been improperly challenged not to be discouraged by this unfortunate effort.

— John Bohlinger is Montana's lieutenant governor. He may be reached via e-mail at jbohlinger@mt.gov.
[ cf Republicans crossed line with voter purge attempt ]
Hum... what if there are Republicans, who are not a part of the Karl Rove Draft Dodger Kulture???

Oh yes, it is this John Bohlinger who says the guy is a ten time medal of honor winner... so maybe that is why he is only a Lieutenant Governor, rather than a party big-wig???

I have not found anything on the St. Pierre Guy.

But the gambitting about going after folks on active duty, that sooooo does not surprise me. Too many civilians do not understand the notion of 'home of records'. Ah yes... who knows, some day these so called GOP operatives will be as committed to following their rhetoric into action...

But the betting money is that they will not...

We have more than seven years of history to work with here...
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