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What if the Keating 5 WAS a banking Thingie Pooh?

So trying not to give the Obama campaign free publicity by linking to their documentary about Charles Keating, but GBAs are the news of the day, and you can't ignore it. So -- here it is, just posted online.

One tangential thought: the Keating Five was a banking and financial scandal. So it fits better with the political environment than sudden attempts to re-raise Obama's associations with Ayers and Wright.

[ cf Keating Five Was A Banking Scandal ]

Why would anyone in the current MILITARY CRUSADE against the GODLESS HEATHEN LIBERALS of wall street, be in any way concerned with what was clearly merely a criminal matter that had not once been put forward to the Canon Courts to address any pertinent or relevant Theological Issues about why Jesus loved us so much that he gave us Nuclear Weapons.

Clearly raising the issue of whom Keating was a friend of is, uh, one of those things that is not a way to mention that some people have friends, and others do not.

Who knows.... Some day the folks who have spent too many years feeling guilty about what they did or did not do during the Vietnam Era will get a way to deal with it. Who knows, they may even be able to deal with the idea that maybe the abuses of the eighties and nineties by those seeking to wrap themselves in the flag and being more anti-anti-war than the next, were, well, not actually the same as the folks who might be willing to get up off their face and follow their rhetoric into action....

Maybe that IS a part of the core problem we keep trying to avoid in these efforts to try to more win the sixties, than ever before...

What if finally americans had to give up winning wars shrouded in history.... when there are real issues in the modern era that need to be addressed.
Tags: economics, kultur_kamp, war

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