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Prosecutorial InDigestion, in a time of Tax Cuts?

Wow kids, remember way back when
While underground, he and fellow member Bernardine Dohrn married, and the two remained fugitives together, changing identities, jobs and locations. By 1976 or 1977, with federal charges against both fugitives dropped due to prosecutorial misconduct (see COINTELPRO), Ayers was ready to turn himself in to authorities, but Dohrn remained reluctant until after she gave birth to two sons, one born in 1977, the other in 1980. "He was sweet and patient, as he always is, to let me come to my senses on my own", she later said.[2] The couple turned themselves in to authorities in 1980. Ayers and Dohrn later became legal guardians to the son of former Weathermen David Gilbert and Kathy Boudin after the boy's parents were convicted and sent to prison for their part in the Brinks Robbery of 1981.[14]
[ cf Bill Ayers Wiki Entry ]
What if americans wanted to really go back and win the holy crusade against the sort of Dirty Stinking Hippies who abandoned our Holy Warriors like Tom DeLay, The Gnewtster, and Rush....

I mean, everyone knows that McCain hung out in an organization with the noted draft dodgers John Kerry, Al Gore, and their Ilk, but do we hear about that part of being More Pro-War and Pro-vet enough....

Ah yes, the family values part of the discussion... yeah, that's the ticket...
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