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Gotta Respect: Iowa's Residency Rules Drive Sex Offenders Underground

Our dear friends dr_strych9 always wondered why it was that members of the armed forces who were opposed to the Greatest Military Leader, EVER!!! were always brought down on 'sex related issues'. Well, DUH, decaff time. It is such a cute article in American Pravda!

For years a layover for budget-conscious motorists and construction crews, the motel has lately become a disquieting symbol of what has gone wrong with Iowa's crackdown on sexual offenders of children. With just 24 rooms, the motel, the Ced-Rel, was home to 26 registered sex offenders by the start of March.

"Nobody wants to have something associated with sex offenders right beside them," said Steve Boland, a farmer and father of two who learns about his newest neighbors every few weeks when sheriff's deputies stop by with photographs of them.
The statute has set off a law-making race in the cities and towns of Iowa, with each trying to be more restrictive than the next by adding parks, swimming pools, libraries and bus stops to the list of off-limits places. Fearful that Iowa's sex offenders might seek refuge across state lines, six neighboring states have joined the frenzy.

"We don't want to be the dumping ground for their sex offenders," said Tom Brusch, the mayor of Galena, Ill., which passed an ordinance in January.

[ cf American Pravda ]
Ah yes, for those fun filled halcyon days before the War On Drugs drove, well, those types to, well, be those types.

And why is this such an issue in the Red States?

Could it be that their lack of actual combat time has left so many of them so uncertain of their masculinity?

Hey Kids, what if we sent them inspirational Stories for them to become cured with, you know, like "How Karl Rove Saved The Day" - the heroic and noble story of the valaint fighting hero who's valiant band of valiant war heroes single handedly turned back the Assault of the Vietnamese!!! Why without Karl Rove and his corp of Armoured Flying Saucers, that had maintained themselves in the super secret strategic reserve, when those Vicisous and Ferrign Devil Vietnamese Launched their Super Sekret Flying Saucer Attack on America we would have been burned back into the formative phases of the planet's crusts firming up - if it had not been for Karl!

Yes, that is what those Sex PreVerts out there in the Red States Need! They NEED more Inspirational Material!!! Things that will help them be the Man!

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