drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

Proof Positive that Global Warming is Liberal Propoganda!!

Stocks tumbled Thursday as frozen credit markets and weak economic reports amplified jitters ahead of the House vote on the $700 billion bank rescue plan.

Credit markets remained tight, with two closely watched measures of bank lending jitters at record highs. Treasury prices jumped, lowering the corresponding yields, as investors sought less risky places to put their money.

Weekly jobless claims soared to a 7-year high, alarming investors ahead of Friday's big monthly report. And factory orders slumped to a 2-year low.

[ cf Bailout fears sink stocks (emphasis added)]
You see, clearly there can be no worry about global warming while the credit market is frozen....

Progress Is Progressive!!!

{ no wonder Pippy Long Stockings was some sort of Communist Stooge of the Progressive movement.... }

And now back to your regularly scheduled post-surrealism....
Tags: economics, geek_stuff

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