drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

Strong Dollar Policy....

Hey kids, would this be a bad time to talk about how the dollar is now selling for less than 1.4 Euro????

Could it be that cleaning up the crap in the housing bubble fiasco is a way to strengthen the dollar????

What ever would americans do, if we stopped the serial bubbling of assets???

Ah yes, you know, go back to a nation based upon the actual wealth created the old fashion way by creating the goods, services, and products, that really sell....

And not merely putting organic fertilizer in big bags and calling them asset backed financialized feature richness goodie thingie poohs...

Wouldn't that be worth sending the troops overseas to kill other people for? You know, to secure the resources which we can not acquire by way of free markets and free trade.....
Tags: economics, war

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