drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

Holy Cow The Mad March Of The Pro-Aborts!

Detectives Were Hired for Contract Killing, Witness Says
Fleshing out his tale of gangland murder and corruption, an aging marijuana dealer told jurors at the trial of Louis J. Eppolito and Stephen Caracappa today that in 1986, the two New York detectives murdered a crooked jeweler in a parking garage and then, years later, laughed about the killing at a secret meeting in a Staten Island cemetery.
[ cf AmerikanPravda ]
I mean what is this whole hatred for the Miracles of the Free Market System? Why do these folks HATE AMERICA so much that they oppose the entrepreneurial spirit of the New York Detectives who have found a viable niche market where they can continue the struggle against the sinister and vicious Clinton/Gore Recesssion!

I mean don't these Radical Left Wing Black Robed Judicial Tyrants understand that we are at WAR! and that congress has authorized the president to do what ever needs to be done, and that everyone KNOWS that
The Free Market WON! The Cold War
hence those who are willing to follow the divine mandate of the invisible hand of the market as market makers are more divinely elect than the welfare tarts who want to Federal Government to pay for everything, simply because some welfare tart got blown up in Iraq or Afghanistan. But that is another rant to make, about why we still allow those sorts of welfare tarts to become a drain on the tax payers when they should have known that there were risks associated with being in a hostile fire tax zone wearing a military uniform.

Whereas these Two New York Detectives were building a side line that would be a way out of the HORRORS of being a mere welfare tart of the state!!!

Are YOU doing your part to get off the welfare tart roles?

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