drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

Yeah, Get That 19th Century Sixties On....

Meanwhile, activists on the Far Left are now publicly admitting just how high the stakes have become in the nation’s most populous state. Recently, Evan Wolfson – grandfather of the effort to destroy marriage across America – declared “California is Gettysburg” in the marriage battle.
[ email from info@allianceformarriage.net, SUBJECT: Radicals Call California ?Gettysburg of Marriage Battle? (emphasis in the original) ]
Uh.... so, uh, does this mean that the fine folks with the Alliance For Marriage are the new Rebels, who oppose the law of the land, because their god has called them out of the Republic, because they hate the Grand Old Party, and, uh, want to retain their biblical literalism????

While the Gay Marriage Folks, are on the side of preserving the union, and extending the rights of citizenship to more and more americans????

and if so.... uh, doesn't this mean that the alliance for marriage is calling for a new Pickett's Charge???

And I want to go with them on their suicide dive for what reason again????

I mean, uh, why not simply outlaw divorce amongst white christian americans??? that would stop them from ending their marriages.... Clearly a better solution than getting gunned down before Union Troops in a mindless waste of good infantry....

Or didn't the folks at the alliance for marriage actually spend any time learning about the actual american history????
Tags: election, religion, war

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