drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

Factualist Assault On Our White Christian America....

So what did I do in that Chicago radio studio last Friday when a wingnut (who, incidentally, is African American) spewed forth some excrement about how Jews harvest the blood of children for their Passover matzohs handouts to swarthy people are responsible for the meltdown of the American economy? I did my job. I called it a "lie and a slander," explaining in simple and forceful terms that lending institutions covered by the CRA have a lower mortgage default rates than ones that aren't, and that even if the former were the worst companies in the history of the universe, they wouldn't have helped produce the financial contagion had not conservative deregulation green-lighted the buying and selling of insanely irresponsible mortgage-backed securities.
[ cf My fair and balanced radio appearance ( strike out in original text ) (emphasis added)]

You Mean the Zionists are not harvesting the blood of white christian americans for their Passover matzohs????

Or were we suppose to be giggling at the PUNCH LINE - that the CRA, that EVIL Carter Administration HORROR that forced banks to loan money where they were taking depositor's deposits, and to end the red lining....

Which would mean... OH MY GOD!!!! that the people who are defaulting are not those Minorities... Then they are the drug abusing Suburbanites of Draft Dodging Moral Reprobates.....

Which can only mean that these EVIL FACTUALISTS are attacking our white christian america because they hate freedom!!!!
Tags: economics, war

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