drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

New Freedom Products For The Freedom Free Trade!!!!

Clearly since we can no longer afford a cheap and free freedom for our free trade, it is time that the rest of the people out there understand their PATRIOTIC DUTY!!!!
Somebody please tell me: why the f*ck do we spend hundreds of billions of dollars every year on a Navy that can't even do the one mission for which the Navy was created to do?

Pirates. You have got to be f*cking kidding me. Pirates!? We can't even suppress the goddamn pirates and keep the shipping lanes safe anymore? Jeebus. What the f*ck are they doing with all that money we spend on them? Blowing it on hookers and dope?

Okay, so now I gotta ask: is Chevron gonna be allowed to build their own fleet of battlewagons to defend their tankers against pirates because the U.S. Navy is too f*cked up to do the job itself? What kind of firepower are we thinking Chevron ought to be lugging around while we continue to go about pissing away the military's power to project force? Can we sell them cruise missiles? I'm only asking because I'm kinda in the business of making things, you know, and well, I'm seeing this wealthy new buyer coming into the market soon...

[ cf s9: Oh, Dear God... ( note, there is no U in Team ) ]
Well, there you go, someone who is ready to look positively at a positive privatized process by which americans can be freed from the Jack Booted Repressive Excessive Governmental Regulatory Excesses!!!! { if you read the mojo wire, you will learn that Com 5th Flt, has abandoned out of area operations against piracy, without actually opening up a free market bidding for the privatization of varying levels of pirate free seas.... }

Clearly people want to have the liberty of being able to sail on seas with more or less Pirating, but that does not MEAN that they want some Brutal Federal Interventionists Socialist Red Communist God Hating Regulatory Imposition on the Freedome of The Free Market!!! Clearly if the Invisible Foot of the Imaginary Free market meant that there be pirate free sees, then the Market place would provide the same level of safety and security that only a Free Market can provide!!!!

It's what the market regulators are fighting for!!!!
Tags: economics, election, piracy, war

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