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Only In America

Attorney General Alberto Gonzales, joined by other U.S. and Canadian officials, was announcing details of the charges at a news conference Wednesday in Chicago.

The U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency led the U.S. investigation.

Gonzales has said the Justice Department would focus on crimes against children and online pornography.

[ cf CnnFunnies ]
now the US Immigration and Customs Enforcement is a part of the Justice Department? Or was Gonzales doing the nod and the wink here?

I mean if we are suppose to be going after child pornography - then gosh - uh, why Customs??? Are we really suppose to be all that SHOCKED to find out that the typical Pro-Abort who opposes the free market is persecuting americans who want to sell, rent, or lease their children at market prices just like as in the bible?

Or What?

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