drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

Why Does Orrin Hatch Hate the Guacamole....

Here he goes again.

I wish Al Franken was joking, but what he says in the email below is just not funny.

Somehow, Franken managed to outline exactly why conservatives need to fight tooth and nail against Barack Obama and MoveOn.org's plan to seize total control of our government.
If these MoveOn.org-backed liberals seize the White House and break our firewall in the Senate, conservatives will be powerless to stop the far-left's agenda. And, you know exactly what that means . . .

. . . Liberal Supreme Court justices, reckless tax hikes while our economy is hurting, skyrocketing gas prices and payback to every liberal special interest that got them there -- from MoveOn.org to trial lawyers to Big Labor.
Time is not on our side.

With just 36 days until Election Day and less than 48 hours until our critical midnight fundraising deadline, we are running out of time to stop Barack Obama and MoveOn.org. We must move fast to protect our Senate firewa

( cf email from news@gopsenators.com : SUBJECT: FW: Why we need a landslide )

Or am I suppose to really worry that they are such n00bs that they do not know how to buy a legitimate enterprise grade firewall???? and therefore I should provide them with that advice, and bill them, Twice, and then ask for additional subsidies, because....

So remember Boys And Non-Persons, if you support the LAW, you are the Radical Hard Left!!!
Tags: economics, election, war

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