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RINO Rave Dancers go eXtreme!!!

Holy Stab The Troops In The Back!!!
A King County Superior Court judge on Friday rejected an attempt by Democrats to force the secretary of state's office to identify Rossi as "Republican" on November's ballot. Rossi, who's challenging Democratic incumbent Gov. Chris Gregoire, is instead listed as preferring the "GOP party" - a reference to the longtime party nickname, the Grand Old Party.

Judge Richard Eadie acknowledged that Rossi's decision to use "GOP" could create some confusion among voters, but there's nothing in state law that prevents a candidate from using a party's nickname on the ballot.

And, he said, the greater evil would be to use two different ballots in the same election. Some military members have already voted using absentee ballots in which Rossi is listed as preferring the GOP; if the "GOP" listing is invalid, those votes could be challenged, Eadie said.
A survey by independent pollster Stuart Elway this month found Gregoire had a 10 point advantage over a "Republican" Rossi but a 4 point advantage when Rossi was listed as "prefers GOP party," a difference that was not statistically significant given the survey's margin of error. In June, another Elway poll found that 7 percent of all respondents thought GOP referred to the Democratic Party, and 18 percent of Republicans polled didn't know "GOP" meant "Republican."

"Administrative convenience does not trump the people's paramount right to a clear and correct ballot," Hamilton said, noting that if the ballots were accidentally printed in Chinese, the state would find a way to fix them even this close to the election.

[ cf Seattle judge OKs ballot with 'GOP' Rossi (emphasis added) ]
Holy Win At All Costing!!!!

Where is the Faith in The Divine Will OF Dubya????

Can there be any doubt that these God Hating America Bashing RINO Rave Dancers have just gone WONKY!!!
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