drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

Holy Defeatist Stab Our Troops In The Back Kapitulationist Appeasers!!!

The Federal Reserve could be prompted to make an emergency interest rate cut in the next few days in an attempt to boost confidence in the battered banking sector.

The central bank could even move as soon as Tuesday to cut its fed funds rate, a key overnight lending rate, by at least a quarter percentage point, according to interest rate futures for September listed on the Chicago Board of Trade.

The Fed's next scheduled meeting to discuss interest rates is a two-day session that ends on October 29.

Even though some think an emergency rate cut may have only a limited impact on the economy, it may be necessary to boost investor and consumer confidence.

[ cf Hopes grow for emergency rate cut ]
And this after all of the Great War Fighting by Our Most Holiest Of Holy Warriors on the Eastern Front, crushing the Godless Liberal Wall Street Types!!!

Where is their Faith in Faith Based Economics, and the Majik Of Majikal Bail Out Powder!!!

Clearly since McCain is in the Debates on Friday, Then the Majikal Powers Act has sprinkled Majikal Bail Out Powder on the already healthy and vibrant economy that has been the bestest healthiest economy ever to be asked to the Mission Accomplished Dance by the Most Glorious Victorious Victorizers!!!

Are You doing your part to Spread the Majikal Bail Out Powder around??? Or are you joining the New National Socialist Drinking Game - where one drinks every time they say economy, and twice when they talk about socializing the risk, and even more about maintaining the private sectore privates....

It IS what the troops are fighting for....
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