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Should Liberal Candidates Dare the Press???

John McCain's campaign manager, Tricky Rick Davis got 2 million cookies protecting the mortgage giants that are at the heart of the trillion dollar bailout the taxpayers now have to foot the bill for, from regulation- and then turns out Freddie Mac paid him another 15 Gs a month from the end of '05, even though John McCain claimed otherwise and dared anyone to look into it. Well, they looked. Davis hadn't done any work of course, the scratch was merely for future access to a McCain White House.

That smarts. With the economy tanking and McCain's poll numbers suffering (and the attendant contributions suffering as well), McCain opted for a distraction.

[ cf McCain: Childish Antics ]
There they go again!!!!

Don't they KNOW that 911 changed everything!!! that the WHOLE WORLD CHANGED!!!! that Epistemology Changed!!! That Factualism is a part of the Failed PRE-911 kulture of ikyYukkyGrosssee...

But you can of course understand why some folks understand how corrupt government can be, when formerly governmental organizations like Fannie and Freddie are paying 15G's a month to party apparachnikii, without actually requiring any actual work, because that is the best way to transfer the risk, and know that if things go bad, that the government will bail them out, even though they are not really a branch of the government.... but a private corporation too big to fail...

Gosh, just like JP Morgan and friends....

What if the big corporations, and friends, had to pay the premiums, for a risk insurance programme, just to make sure that the corporations they were investing in, were not going to be the next Enron?

Why.... They could be paying that to Federally Funded Oversight Organizations....

And..... Uh....


Because taxing the rich is evil!!! and we are at war with evil!!!!

No matter how underTruthier we have to be....
Tags: economics, election, war

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