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FDIC save By Brilliant Battle Strategy of Great War Leader!!!

The sale will give JPMorgan branches in California and other markets where it does not have a footprint. But JPMorgan Chase will also inherit a big loan portfolio of troubled mortgages and commercial real estate. The government needed to find a buyer for WaMu because a takeover by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation would have dealt a crushing blow to the government’s deposit insurance fund.
[ cf Regulators Said to Broker Rescue of WaMu ]
All Hail Great War Leader!!!!

And the Great Military Victory on the Eastern Front!!!!

It is what the troops are fighting for.

{ now that there is clearly no threat to FDIC, does there really need to be the evil liberal bail out of the evil liberals who are always bailing out rather than doing their patriotic duty, and the Mission Accomplished Dance!!!

All Hail Great War Leader!!! }
Tags: economics, election, war

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