drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

Most Glorious Victory On Eastern Front!!!

The Evil Liberal Media Reports:
Pakistani troops fired on U.S. helicopters on Thursday in a sharp escalation of tensions between the two allies, who gave conflicting accounts of the incident.
Pakistani military spokesman Major-General Athar Abbas said: "There were two helicopters from Afghanistan that crossed into Pakistani territory. Our soldiers fired warning shots and those helicopters returned fire and flew back."

Washington denied returning fire. There were no casualties, nor were the helicopters damaged.

[ cf Pakistan, U.S. differ on helicopter fire incident ]
Clearly this Most GLORIOUS VICTORY establishes that the Mission Accomplished, is most accomplished.

But this also means that the elections must be deferred until the Totalist of Total Victories has been victoriously Victorized on all of the Eastern Fronts from Eastern Wall Street to East Western Wall Street, and the bail out, followed with Massive Tax Cuts, support for more victories victoriously!!!

Anything less is stabbing the troops in the back!!!
Tags: election, war

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