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Radical Judicial Activists Stabbing Troops In Back In A Time Of Bail OUT

A federal judge dealt the Recording Industry Association of America and record labels a setback Wednesday by throwing out a $222,000 verdict against a mom who was convicted of illegally sharing music over the Internet.

U.S. District of Minnesota Chief Judge Michael Davis ordered a new trial for Jammie Thomas, saying the jury's punishment was "unprecedented and oppressive." Davis said that the term "distribution" does not apply to simply making music available. It requires actual dissemination, he said.

[ cf Judge Tosses Out Verdict Against Minn. Mom Accused Of File Sharing ]
Clearly the National Debates about why should there be any presidential candidates MUST be stopped until Congress prevents this sort of Failure to Provide the correct form of Bail Out that might cause the whole ECONOMY to become a MushRoomCloud!!!!

We can NOT wait until the SmokingGun is a MushRoomCloud!!!!

Think of the Troops!!!

Think of the Innocent Children!!!

Think of the distribution of benifits from the tax payers to muffy and buffy's parents, who would otherwise not be able to send them to private school driving a new jag every year....

Stop THE BAD PEOPLE!!! who are not our friends!!!

It is what the troops are doing stuff about!!!!
Tags: economics, election, war

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