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More Radical Judicial Activists Legislating From The Bench, Gone Wild...

Today an appeals court ordered the Defense Department to release all known photos depicting detainee abuse by US forces in Iraq and Afghanistan. Seymour Hersh and others have noted for years that the images from Abu Ghraib are just a sampling of the evidence that the military has in their possession, and now the government must release them. Kudos to the ACLU for having the persistence to uncover what has been done in America's name; this ruling is significant for the future of Freedom of Information Act requests in general as well as revealing the truth about torture in particular.

A few days back, the American Psychological Association prohibited its members from participating in any detention facility that requires them to operate in violation of international law. This is a major ruling from the APA, and it came from a vote of its membership.
Under longstanding government practice, military intelligence officers can be temporarily designated as CIA officers ("sheep-dipped" is the bureaucratic lingo) when they want to go off the Army field manual. In other words, the government can still torture anyone, any time.
[ cf This Week In Torture ( emphasis added to help readers get it ) ]
What???? The Public Evidence should be made Public????

What if americans really had to live in the sort of state where the Government is actually allowing itself to torture anyone it wants for any reason that it wants???

Would it be possible to recover any sense of moral authority.

Any Questions?

So can we just skip past the McCain Ammendment, and on to the rest of the discussions...
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