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Reclassifying Previously Declassed Data.

Has anyone else noticed that amongst the fun with 'reclassifying data' that had been declassed and shipped off to presidential libraries, we always get to ask the fun filled questions about why? Well here is an interesting question that could be morer interesting:
A team of archivists went to work on the matter right away. Within a couple of hours, they had found the documents. They are archived as Item # CF01193-002. They'd be glad to send me a copy, but I'd have to send in an FOI (Freedom of Information Act) request. Due to a backlog of requests, it would take about two years for them to get the documents to me.

I have begun the process of obtaining copies. In the meantime, if you're ever in Texas, stop by the Bush Library and maybe you can see those documents for yourself.

[ cf Atheists Are Not Citizens ]
This of course is that classic tidbit that was up at the mojowire:
"I don't know that atheists should be regarded as citizens,
nor should they be regarded as patriotic. This is one nation under God."
—George H. W. Bush [*]

[ citation ]
Now, yes, I understand, that many of those who think that they might be the right religion, since they think of themselves as 'religious' may want to check the colour of the E-Ticket Ride they are on.

This is America where the faithful keep shifting which position they hold. So it is possible that you may well not be religious enough to survive the desperate need for the son to deal with the sins of the father, and all of the rest of that biblical correctness. I mean, we all know, say it with me happy kampfr's
Congress Authorized the President To Do What Ever He Wants
And as we are all continuing to learn, as one more 'cumberland gap kid' gets fried for 'torture' or 'terminating' a 'detainee' - when it comes to 'protecting the troops' the president is so willing to throw them over the side like live bait hoping that he will never have to stand and be held accountable for his actions...

So, shall we all tip our heads, drink the kool-aid, and hope to God, the one true, and only, state sanctioned god, we are on the one true and only side of the state security apparatus's sweep for those 'non-citizen types'.

Anything less and you are Spitting On The Valiant Fighting Forces who are used as Props For Campaign Funding Programmes.

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