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Islamacist Show That They Hate White Christian America!!!

A commission from Islamic nations composed a new Universal Islamic Declaration of Human Rights, which they claim to be complementary, but looks more like a competing declaration. It is, of course, full of religious language, but also does sneaky things like change the declaration of equality of rights for all people to equality of dignity and obligations, and limit rights to those given within the shari'ah. This isn't a declaration of human rights at all, but a devious demand for the imposition of religious tyranny.
[ cf An Islamic assault on human rights ]
Thus proving that only Sarah Pallin can save us from the god hating america bashers who do not understand that only True Third Wave White Christian Americans can save us from the godlessness....

In happier news
"WASHINGTON, May 25 — The Bush administration is developing what are described as concepts for reducing American combat forces in Iraq by as much as half next year, according to senior administration officials in the midst of the internal debate."
( un stated sources )
Clearly after we have moved those troops through Iran, to share the love of Jesus, then the Islamicists will be freeed from the horrors of liberal economic horrors that are not conceptual, like the True White Christian American Laws of GOD!!!!

Are YOU doing your part to Conceptualize the Concievable about the Concepts for New NewNeff!!!!

It IS what the troops are fighting for...

I mean, we wouldn't want America to fall to the secularists, or other forms of Unbelievers...
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