drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

Was ZOG really trying to destroy our White Christian Alaska?

Yesterday morning I interviewed John Stein, the former Wasilla mayor who was defeated by Palin in 1996 by using "a quiet campaign by some Palin supporters raising emotional issues like abortion and gun control, which had no apparent tie to municipal politics" -- and as Phil Munger notes, a whisper campaign that Stein was secretly Jewish (Stein is a Lutheran).
[ cf Palin Pandered to Wasilla's Wackiest Wingnuts ]
And is that the real reason that the Zionist Clique hates Sarah???

Why didn't the MSM report that Sarah rescued Wasilla from possible Zionist Incursions by unbelievers?

Could it be that the MSM is a part of the Zionist Clique???

It's ZOG! ZOG!!!!
Everything is ZOG!!!
as if folks didn't know that 'ren and stempy' were their goyish names that they changed them to when they decided to unamericanize america!!!
Tags: election, religion, war

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