drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

Reading Along at Home.... The Predator State

Hey kids, ever read anything by James K. Galbraith ? Well I just picked up: The Predator State - where he is attempting to argue that the NeoConClownCarCrew abandoned the notion of a free market system a while back....

And that we may need to reconsider the utility of the Free Market Myth system as we go forward...

Hum.... what if there are going to be messy messes that merely blaming the godless liberals on wall street are not going to be gooder enough to fix.... And that we will not be able to get down to dealing with what is really broken until we can get past talking about mythological problems with mythological solution spaces????

Just a thot.

I mean, what if the nation were in an actual time of war, and it were an actual cultural war between the forces of good and evil.... would it be useful to know whom is whom...
Tags: bad_books, economics, war

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