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did you miss the post-post surrealism?

Sydney H. Schanberg, the longtime New York Times reporter and editor and Newsday columnist -- and author of "The Killing Fields" -- has written a 9000-word investigative piece on John McCain and his longstanding efforts to, as Schanberg asserts in his lede, "hide from the public stunning information about the live Vietnam prisoners who, unlike him, didn't return home."
[ via Ghosts Of Nam Redux ]

So should the POW flag be flown above the Christian Flag?

And should the two fly above the american flag????

Or is there a need for the nation to start working on the new round of POW/MIA issues that will need to be solved, by preventing Peace Candidates like Richard M. Nixon from stabbing the troops in the back.

Or maybe, we should be dealing with the real questions in the 21st century and start sending the wacky moments from the last, to, well, where ever it sends broken toys...

What should the 21st Century be about???
Tags: election, religion, war

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