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Komrade Mom is IN the Komrade Momovitch!!!

As President Bush's third treasury secretary, Henry "Hank" Paulson was slow to get his footing and recognize the severity of the financial crisis that has frozen credit markets and threatens the American economy.

But lately, against long odds - remember, he's working for an unpopular, lame-duck President and a Congress run by Democrats that is reluctant to take risks during an election year - Paulson has seized the initiative.
"The underlying weakness in our financial system today is the illiquid mortgage assets that have lost value as the housing correction has proceeded," Paulson said. "The federal government must implement a program to remove these illiquid assets that are weighing down our financial institutions and threatening our economy. "

[ cf Paulson to the rescue ]
In other reporting Komrade Party Leader will be getting the SEC to engage in criminalizing crime on the Stock Exchange, which will include illegal rumour mongering, and illegal not having a happy day....

So all of you nasty short sellers will neeed to take your gloomy faced, "somebody has the mondays", unhappineff somewhere else, because Komrade Mom in in the Komrade Momovitch, and the command economy will be nationalistically Nationalist!!! OR ELSE!!!

But clearly this is all a great Military Victory for the Unitary Executive with the Special Majikal Powers that make all things Wonderful.....

ALL HAIL RoboBushCheneyParis!!!
They Shiney!
and fashionably fashionable!!!

and they understand the importance of a command economy that understands the importance of strong Leaders, and the Strength Through Joy principle that is bring happiness everywhere as our Glorious Victorious Princesse Sparklee Poney defeats the evil forces of ikky yukky grossness!!

Now more than ever we must collectively reject the defeatist kapitulationist appeaser cut and runners who are not willing to support the president to support the troops!!!
Tags: bushcheney2008, economics, war

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