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Nationalist Nationalizing Of Nationalism Flying rodent person...

The desperation was especially striking in the market for U.S. government debt, long considered the safest of investments. At one point during the day, investors were willing to pay more for one-month Treasurys than they could expect to get back when the bonds matured. Some investors, in essence, had decided that a small but known loss was better than the uncertainty connected to any other type of investment.
[ cf Mounting Fears Shake World Markets
As Banking Giants Rush to Raise Capital

What do you call a negative interest rate????

Hey kids, what if folks in that upper 0.01 percent were willing to just simply pay their taxes to the government for an appropriate level of regulatory oversight of, oh, say the BANKING INDUSTRY, and those things that smell like a bank, quack like a bank, and WANT THE FED TO RESCUE THEM, when they collapse like a bank????

Or should we just keep singing another verse or twelve of the great songs that dress well in Black And Tan...

{ hey kids, is the wall street journal still a communist front organization? }
Tags: economics, election, war

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