drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

More Post-Post-Surrealism....

Hey kids, now the Godwin's Law can be cited for the Conservatopedia??? Or are they working on finding a kinder and gentler way to embrace the traditionalist american spencerian Social Darwinism? as opposed to that science stuff, by advocating A.Hitler as their Icon for the so called Theory of Evolution?

Dude... WOW... The Colours....

Or is it like time for them to work out which of their Nationalist Nationalizing theories they really think are the science stuff... or is that also a core problem here - failing to understand the difference between science stuff, which is satanic, and ideological struggles, which are also satanic, except when biblically literal.

So, uh, are you Trooping Our President to Support The Support???
Tags: geek_stuff, schadenfreude, science, war

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