drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

What If Your SAS friends are bailing?

I thought I would underscore tongodeon reference to SAS soldier leaves army over 'illegal' Iraq war where we learn things like:
Ben Griffin, 28, left the army after three months in Baghdad over the behaviour of US troops and the policies of coalition forces. He is believed to be the first SAS soldier to refuse to go into combat and quit the army on moral grounds.

Mr Griffin said at the weekend that he witnessed dozens of illegal acts by US fighters who viewed Iraqis as "sub-human". He said: "I saw a lot of things in Baghdad that were illegal or just wrong.
Now I can, and do appreciate, that for the ProWarTypes who have not served with SAS, they may not quite get that this is a frightening approach to the problem.

So what exactly do the NeoConClownCarCrew, enmeshed in Operation Yellow Republican, plan to do to fix THIS part of the Culture of Corruption? or are they just hoping that they can keep blaming everything on the clintons and the kerrys and those liberals, as their excuse for why the americans who went into Iraq were not prepared for the actual mission that is still occuring?

Could there be a structural problem with the NeoConClownCarCrew hoping that those sub-qualified Cat IV's will be able to do a complex job for which they are not qualified to do??? And that, gosh, those NeoConClownCarCrew are just having those 'not spring time fresh' moments about needing to run away and hide from their call to arms....

So folks, what are we going to do as the Quallified Personnel Step Away from the Fiasco in Iraq??? And americans, once again, get to relearn Philip Caputo's classic line about nothing being more dangerous than an armed 19 year old.... Should we fix the problem by starting a draft? Should we fix the problem by allowing unrestricted submarine warfare? Or is it time to invade another country and just hope no one notices the technical bits?


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