drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

The President's Bold New Challenge

Now that the democrats have skuttled away from noting that it is still considered impolite to commit felonies, even if one is a President, and even if congress has authorized that the president can do anything he wants.

So what will it take for republicans to step up to the plate and demand an end of the culture of corruption within the GOP at this point in history?

The president has been desperately crying out for an intervention - and that someone must stop him from being his criminal self, totally unable to control his urges and fits.

What the nation has to explain to the Great Leader is that it is not how much combat time you have. It really isn't. Service does not lead to Citizenship - no matter how many times the NeoConClownCarCrew keeps trying to play enabler to the president's 'gender role issues'. Trust US, there are Gays And Womyn in the Military, so it is not like 'being more at war' is going to protect one from their own fears that they may not really be man enough! That continuing to get more and more members of the american armed forces killed for a failed domestic political power grab is not going to add one inch to any of the NeoConClownCarCrews 'little members' - no matter how many times they keep jerking off to "stay the course" - hoping that this time that whole thing about 'war makes men of boys' will majikally rub off on them if they keep chanting their mantral and doing the special hand exercieses.

Trust Us, that is not going to help.

Then there is that whole problem with why not accept that a felony is a felony - and that criminal conduct is still criminal, and not a nice thing to do. That the whole smack about the Patriot Act has not added one more Iota of Security to the nation. Granted it has helped bloat the federal bureacracy, it has given us the Brownies who do not understand how to deal with actual national disasters that are not merely the random events of geo-political realignment of forces. While at the same time folks are slowly starting to understand that one can piss dollars down the rat hole of trying to make everything a hardened target - and never get to that safe place where majikally everyone everywhere is protected from all of the they them those monsters over there....

And all we have recieved in exchange for all of this pissed away buckage, and the whole "trust us" attitude has been more of the same old unpleasantries. The american intelligence community has once again become compromised and used, as it was during the Nixon Era, to monitor domestic politcal opposition - because the Roverians are still afraid of what would happen in a Free Society in which arguments had to rest upon the merits of the argument, and not the ad hominem of those who have not served trying to steal the honor of those who have, in the hope that this will add special sauce to their failed policy posturing.

Oh yes, and then we get into that ugly space of the corruption that has been the game play for the NeoConClownCarCrew - which was skanky enough while it was merely the sort of civilian corruption by civilians for civilians. But as we keep finding that this Culture Of Corruption has crept into ripping off the DOD and the National Intelligence Community so that the Players can Be More Hip... Gosh, maybe now it is time for the CIC to show some leadership and demand that, gosh, those around him do as he would prefer them to do, rather than as he has done.

Come On Boys and Girls! Let us all Support the president's Bold New Challenge!!!!

Let us demand an end to the culture of corruption, and ask that the President be at least as moral as the PM in Seoul S. Korea, and the various other nations trying hard to become democracies, and it is ok to simply resign one's position because of one's Improprieties.

Why that would show the world that the President HAS the faith in the National Command Authority to be able to RISK being both truthful and honest, but actually able to live out the ethical standards.

So Now More Than Ever get out there and support the End Of The Culture Of Corruption, and join the president's National Intervention Program, so that he can take some time off in a ReHab Facility, and hopefully be able to get better!!!

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