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That General Pinochete meets Milton Freedman on Privatizing Social Security....

Would this be a bad time to talk about the gang buster wonderland of the privatization of social security?
John McCain's contention is that Wall Street has, for years, been rotting in a toxic mixture of greed and overreach and corruption. Simultaneously, a 70-year-old regulatory structure has proven inadequate at checking the institution's excesses. This is, in other words, a crisis composed of trends, rather than a singular, unpredictable, catastrophe.

Three years ago, John McCain signed on to George W. Bush's efforts to privatize Social Security. He surveyed Wall Street and decided that it was a stable enough institution to entrust with the nation's pension funds. Three years ago. And this wasn't just an attempt to cozy up to Bush: McCain was arguing for privatization in 1999. So McCain's argument is that Wall Street is built atop an unstable regulatory foundation and is shot through with most of the seven deadly sins. That the situation has been allowed to fester so long is evidence that "people were asleep at the switch." Even so, McCain has consistently argued that much of Social Security should be turned over to... Wall Street. Either he wanted to tank the nation's pensions funds or he was one of the people asleep at the switch. But those are really the only two options here.

[ cf Yet Another Reason to Vote Against John McCain (emphasis added for the slow readers) ]
Or should we just whistle a ditty or two about how, well, democracy needs capitalism, but that capitalism does not need democracy.

Or should we just recommend that Pallin/McCain should PUT DOWN THE BONG DUDEZ!!! You are like Totally Baked!!!

Ah yes, if only those folks in the armed forces were home to be able to do their part as day traders, they too could be embracing this most glorious of economic thingus's of Pooh!!!!

It's what the troops want...

No Please, tell me more about the Marvels of the war winning strategy of privatizing social security so that the mystical majikal invisible imaginary foote of the market place will be able to pull a rabbit out of the hat of Prisoner number 650....
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