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Why Is Sarah Of The Lipstick soft on Sexual Predators of Children?

So Sarah Palin's latest explanation for why she fired Walt Monegan is that he had gone over her head in seeking federal money for an initiative to combat sexual assault crimes, before she had approved the program.

But it now appears that the program in question is one that most elected officials would be wary of admitting they hadn't strongly backed. According to Peggy Brown, who heads the Alaska Network on Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault, Monegan wanted to use the federal money to hire retired troopers and law enforcement officials, and assign them to investigate the most egregious cases of sexual assault -- including those against children.

In other words, if Palin's new story is true, she fired Monegan for being too aggressive in going after child molesters.

[ cf Source: Sex Assault Program Cited in Monegan Firing Targeted Child Abusers
( emphasis added to help the pigs find the Truffles without Lipstick )]
Well, there you have it, more Glorious Victorious Mission Accomplished Dancing on the eastern front about how Wall Street Elitist Bankers are all ganging up on Poor Sarah because she is just a regular old home grown girl who understands that sometimes folks just have to engage in a little old fashion biblical child molesting as is clearly layed out in the Bible as a way to stop Gay HomoZeXuals from abusively over regulating the market place...

Or maybe we should wait for the next round of this new version of "Northern Exposure On The Eastern Front: The Lipstick Edition!"
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