drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

Ugly Debate Time

The Hope of Fact Checking As a Solution. I of course like both players in the thread, but I fear that I am not at all sold on the novel idea of
One Dollar, One Vote
as a basis for arguing for or against a way to modify the election process.

If anything - it does raise the problem that as a nation we have been trying to officially avoid for decades now, with our hope for
One Person, One Vote
and therefore a core reason why a national policy of sound education, sound labor laws, sound food laws, etc, would provide for a sound voting population with enough time, and fit in both mind and body, to be able to take part in the grand national debate.

But that may also BE the core problem of late.

What if we do not want a well fed, well read, and well engaged voting population?

Time for a New And Improved
Better Read!!!
Than Dead!!!
and see how many folks decide that them intellectual types IS the enemy!!!

Hey Kids, what if winning the war at home were a pre-req to winning the insurgencies overseas?

You know, for the troops...
Tags: election, war

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