drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

How IS he going to gray mail the government

Ok, how ever could scooter libby gray mail the government about the so called classified presidential briefings. I mean do folks really think that they are actually secret? That they address any relevant issues? Or technical stuff?

Let's see we have the current whatever in Iraq, and no one is quite sure why we are there, but clearly we can not leave, because, well we are there.

The good news about liberating Afghanistan has been the drop in Heroin for Models in NYC - but have you seen the evil liberals taking to the streets chanting,
No Blood For Horse!
Or there is that Dubai Thingie Poo where the president was clear that he was going to veto anyone who go in the way of his Dubai Deal - and of course that confusion about whether or not the president had even been aware that there was a deal going on there, or was there anything that should have required him to actually do that whole 'consulting' thing with at least the Senate Leadership....

So what exactly wouldl the nation learn from the leak of this so called collection of 'national security estimates'?

Or is this just the on going part of the Kabuki Theatre that has been the fun of this whole Show. We have some head lines, there is stern talk, then there is talk about not interrupting the legal process and then there is the plea bargaining phase... and then we learn why Hillary Clinton Is Evil and would destroy this nation with all of her radical feminist attacks on our white christian america because she does not support the President to support the Troops...

So are we again up to the plea bargaining phase?

And if so whom be pleading with whom?

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