drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

Why Just MUST have Tax Cuts!!!!

Texas officials pushed on with one of the largest recovery operations in the state’s history on Monday, struggling to restore power to millions of people, supply food and water to evacuees, and rescue those who remained stranded in flood-ravaged homes and towns.
[ cf Rescues Continue in Texas; Millions Without Power ]
Sure, what ever - they failed to have a Hedge Fund with Survival From Evil Devil Majik. Big DEAL!

What we need in a time of war is More Tax Cuts!!! Think of the folks who are being forced out of their high paying jobs - Not to mention the fact that these Assaults on our Financial Sectors by evil liberals are more important than the whining of people who should have known to have a Hedge Fund to protect them from the Hedge Fund Fiasco that comes when the UnBelievers stop believing in Sarah Pallin's Lipstick coverage of fiscal and monetarist issues.

Clearly can we allow our nation to be pillaged by God Hating Rich White Elitist Obamanite and their Wall STREET FREINDS, who do not understand the Military Value of Massive Subsidizing Tax Cuts for the top 0.1% of the trickler downers??? Do they want the Economy to get the Economic Equivolent of Mad Cow Disease, if these Fiscal Downers are set to the slaughter house to be turned into feed for the rest?????


Tags: economics, election, war

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