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The DOW nearly reaches 11,000!!!!

Just think!!! any day now the DOW will go across the 11,000 mark into totally uncharted regions!!!! Where were YOU when the DOW made 10,000 - remember that ad campaign, and how all of the Evil Liberals were not supportive of the totally deregulated market and how the imaginary invisible foot of the market place was going to be the winds under our wings, or was that the flatulence providing aerodynamic stability to Colon Investigating Simeon Flight Creatures.....

But are the Evil Liberals willing to face facts about how Glorious the current Economic Miracle is Mirraculous?
Barack Obama said Monday the upheaval on Wall Street was "the most serious financial crisis since the Great Depression" and blamed it on policies that he said Republican rival John McCain supports.

"This country cannot afford four more years of this failed philsophy," Obama, the Democratic presidential nominee, told a cheering outdoor rally in western Colorado.

Coatless and with sleeves rolled up under a blazing sun, Obama chided McCain for a new commercial that promises "change that we need."

"Sound familiar?" said Obama, who has made change the central theme of his campaign. "Let me tell you, instead of borrowing my lines he needs to borrow some of my ideas. Change isn't about slogans. It's about substance."

[ cf Obama blames Wall St. crisis on Republican policy ]
Of course not!!!!

All they want to do is engage in the failed sexism of the defeatist capitulaionist Rich White Elitism that is stabbing our valiant fighint forces in the Back, whom every day are Victoriously Gloriously Winning the economic miracles that god demands!!!!


{ hey kids, how much longer will the unwinding of the Evil Liberal Wall Street Evil Doing really take? as folks sober up to the reality that the glorious 19th Banking Fiasco can be dressed up, and with some lipstick on it, can be all swank and modern as a 21st Century Banking Fiasco.... }
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