drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

This Bud's For You!

Hey, now you have got to admit that when it comes to power house rock! Nothing Rocks them out of the seats like Sen. McCain calling upon his supporters,
who are gathering this weekend to look forward to the GOP Presidential Candidate, to step up the plate and do the right thing! Write In President Bush!
Nearly 2,000 GOP activists opened a weekend conference Friday to hear from presidential prospects and share strategies on a conservative agenda that many believe Washington has forsaken.
But the balloting is not expected to have a lasting impact unless Frist, who has packed the Southern Republican Leadership Conference with supporters, hurts his presidential aspirations with a poor showing. McCain planned to urge his backers to write in President Bush's name as a show of support, a move that could further dilute the straw poll's significance.

The dynamic to watch is how far the speakers and conference attendees distance themselves from Bush or the Republican-led Congress while urging the party to return to its conservative values.

Despite controlling the White House and Congress for most of the past five years, many Republicans feel both have fallen short on a number of issues including tax reform, fiscal responsibility, immigration, Social Security and family values.

[ cf Yahoo ]
Thank GOD there are still some patriotic americans who understand that we really should not be distracting the president with these technical issues while the Greatest Military Leader EVER is fighting everywhere against Evil Doers!

Besides, by 2008, who knows which portions of the US Constitution will still be a part of our american way of life, and which of them will finally have been unmasked as the defeatist propoganda of those Al-Qaaeda Media Committees That the Special Military Intelligecence Collective Knows All about how they are inserting America Bashing Propoganda into the Liberal Media rather than support our Valiant Fighting Forces!!!!

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