drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

Liberal Media's Vicious Attacks On Sarah, Cause Terrorist Onslaught!!!

Three people were reported dead and 23 hurt on Friday after a freight train and commuter train collided outside Los Angeles.

Los Angeles Fire officials said more than 20 people had been injured in the crash, 10 of them critically, but could not confirm TV reports of the three deaths.

Television images showed rescue crews fighting to free victims trapped in the commuter train, which was derailed and crumpled at the side of the tracks west of Los Angeles in the suburb of Chatsworth.

[ cf Three feared dead, 23 hurt in L.A. train crash ]
Oh sure, the evil liberal media will cuddle with their Evil liberal fellow travellors to try to cover up how the Vicious And Brutal attacks on Sarah caused this clearly obvious Terrorist Attack, since whom else but well trained terrorists could do this sort of Dangerous Damage On OUR White Christian American Soil!!!!

You know, for the troops!!!

Are YOU doing YOUR part to stop the evil Liberal Attack on Sarah!!! by the bad rich white elitists who are not like regular people!!!! You do not see regular people hobnobbing and talking with other terrorists, or terrorist fellow travellors, or people who know someone who once lived near a place where they knew somebody who had lived where terrorists had once lived!!!! No!!! Those are Rich White Elitist Obama Bin BidenItes who just Hate America!
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