drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

Evil Virginia State Supreme Court Hates Freedom AND america

"By prohibiting false routing information in the dissemination of e-mails," Agee wrote, the Virginia law "infringes on that protected right."

The court noted that "were the 'Federalist Papers' just being published today via e-mail, that transmission by Publius would violate the [current Virginia] statute."

[ cf Va. Supreme Court Strikes Down State's Anti-Spam Law ]
I mean, gosh, how tastey to have a Supreme court reverse itself that quickly, from their original 4-3 upholding the virginia law just six month ago, to their curent unanimous overturning....

And to put the Founding Father's in as possible Spammers, whom we all know are Al-Qaeda Operatives, is to so clearly be a mainforce assault on our white christian america, that, uh, we can only survive by attacking Canada for being behind all of this.

I mean what next?

The radical left wing extremists in the state of virginia are going to consider the federal constitutional constraints as legally law??? in all of the rest of the ways that the typical God Hating America Bashers use in their Persecution of the True White Christian America....
Tags: law, war

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