drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

Peace Declared...

As I write this letter, the far Left – the Obama campaign, the Democratic Party headed by Howard Dean and the major (liberal) media--are all working in overdrive to destroy and smear Sarah Palin.

They believe if they can destroy this courageous young woman and popular governor, they will end John McCain's bid for president.

( email from NewsDesk@conservativeamerica-online-info.com )
It is official.

There is no need to worry about the war stuff, since, well, gosh, the most important thing is how the evil liberal media is picking on poor sarah...
They will do anything to destroy Sarah Palin.

They will do anything to elect Obama President — the most leftwing candidate in history.

Only you can stop them.

( op cit, emphasis in original)
Thus making it clear that poor sarah is being picked on.

This is why the Evil Liberals will ultimately lose.

Those Rich White Elitist Obama Bin Bidenites are just not like normal main stream americans who can see the evil of the evil liberals.
Tags: election, war

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