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Sarah may lose the wolf hugger vote


One of my cranky liberal friends sent me:
Hey guys - if you love animals of the canine persuasion – and if you plan to vote in our next election for president but are still on the fence about which way you’re gonna vote – both Chuck and I urge you to become informed about AK Gov. Palin. And it is NOT a myth or hearsay – but sadly a cold, hard (largely unknown in the lower 48) fact - see links below.

Okay – this is unusual (even for me…), but we thought we’d share with you something that’s been chafing our hides for a while, and that’s the cruel and inhumane slaughter of defenseless wolves from the air. They are being gunned down from airplanes or chased to exhaustion, then shot at point blank range – suffering horrific pain while left to die if the shooter is not accurate (imagine trying to hit a moving target from a moving vehicle – how accurate can they be?). Nearly 700 wolves have been killed over the past 4 winters. It's a brutal practice. And NOW they want to kill all the orphaned wolf pups, too!!!

That is what VP CANDIDATE Alaska Governor Palin advocates and supports, because the powerful Alaskan commercial hunting industry wants to eliminate nature's predators in order to inflate moose and caribou numbers so they can continue to cater to wealthy out-of-state hunters seeking a trophy. It brings in big money because it’s considered to be “elite hunting” – like killing rhinos, tigers, and elephants…

The hair stands up in the back of my neck when I imagine that someone with such inhumane mindset as Palin could potentially be in charge of our country! Besides, McCain only appointed her because she is a woman, not because she would be even remotely qualified to be our Commander in Chief if he kicks the bucket while in the White House! We are Republicans, and after much debate and fence sitting had just decided to vote for McCain - but will now vote for Obama, just to lessen the chance of her being second in command!

It takes a brutal and cowardly mind to advocate killing defenseless animals just for fun – not even for consumption - predators who only kill other animals to eat – and only the weak for that matter – and have no record of ever attacking humans unprovoked. It would be like killing dogs just for the heck of it! What next - kill all the bears, too? PLEASE keep her out of the White House (even as second in command) and vote Democrat – if for no other reason than to make a point (hey – we think this country is screwed with either Party anyway…)!!

Here are couple of links FYI – pls take the time to check those out or just google the words wolf slaughter Alaska Palin



and here is good one – with commentary from people who care about animals.

and just so you don’t think I’m making this up

We have been shelving all plans to visit Alaska again until this practice stops. Please remember – without Wolves there would be NO DOGS!
Yes, the typical radical reaganite AKC types are, well, you know, those wild and crazy types....

Clearly now that our ability to hunt down not only wolves from the air, but with the newer generations of HK's that can loiter for longer than a mere human flown air asset, we can increase our ability to gun down the unbelievers, and those who have not accepted the divinity of Dubya.....

Or should we maybe say that the connection between mere cruelty, is, well, gosh, just one more problem that may need to be addressed.

What IF the nation were 'at war'??? What IF there were a real election going on?
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