drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

Winning Which War???

Hey kids, hear about the presidents secret finding that it is ok to insert american grounds troops into Pakistan, on the ground, to do localized killing, rather than rely on remote killing platforms.
The war in Afghanistan has formally spread to neighbouring Pakistan with reports from Washington that President George W. Bush has authorized cross-border raids by American forces.

So far there has been little reaction in Pakistan, where feelings both of the sanctity of national sovereignty and dislike of the U.S/ government are intense.

[ cf U.S. troops authorized to raid Taliban's Pakistan havens ]
Uh, we clearly are going to go on victoriously winning in iPakistan, iRan and iNorthKorea, until all have been crushed under the glorious godly chariots of fire that the Divine Divinity Of Dubya has brought forth upon the land!!!!

Uh, so remind me again folks, how do americans keep track of which wars we are most gloriously winning victoriously?
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