drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

Holy Mainforce Assault On Our White Christian America!

I know that you were as SHOCKED as I was that the evil leftist liberals over at MTV came out opposed to the "waltons" the American Way of Life!

The Heathen Idolatorys in their heinous review of the movie, Failure to Launch when they suggest that grown adult children should abandon the leadership principle of living under the divine protection of their parents while their parents are alive!!! how can anyone believe:
Desperate times call for desperate measures, and nothing reeks of despair quite like parents conspiring against their own feeble offspring — particularly those 20- or 30-something children who can't seem to move away from home.

Such is the plot of "Failure to Launch," a romantic comedy that explores a growing social phenomenon plaguing many American households today: "adultescents" — or adult children — who are marked by their reluctance to strike out on their own.

"There's a [trend] happening right now of kids getting older but not necessarily moving out of the house," said Matthew McConaughey, who plays Tripp, a 35-year-old boat broker who still lives with his parents, mooches their food and avoids responsibility at any cost.
And especially now, when families need to be bound together for reasons of National Security!!!

Clearly it is simpler for the National Security Apparatous to keep track of solely the head of house holds, and if there is an enemy of the state who has been unmasked, then the Patriarch of that Family will need to address these Issues. It worked so well in western papua especially when the Act of Free Choice gave the patriarchy the chance to extol the virtues of Indonesian Love - just as the East Timorans called out for More of that Indonesian Love!!!

So too in these Desperate Times americans should be pro-actively engaged in supporting the globalist approach, rather than falling back into the failed liberal policies of Isolationism and the anachronistic notions of Law and Order!!!

Put them all in the Family Long House - and if any of them are Opposed to the Great Leader, and the Bright New Day, then burn the long house and be done withe the threat for ever!!! Clearly as long as the Evil Doing Media Horrors Who Oppose Our American Way of Life are allowed to spew their anti-americanism, then all americans are at risk!!!! As these Evil Doers Stab Our Valiant Fighting Forces In The Back!!! Do they care what MTV says? Do they want to watch the horrror and moral degeneracy of the evil of MTV or are they looking forward to the Mother Love Imagry of The Mother of The Great Leader sharing how those folks in New Orleans should have gotten out of there rather than leave us emotionally traumatized! They want to hear how the Father of Great Leader rallies to the Great Leaders Side in these times of Struggle Against all evil Everywhere! Because without Great Leader, and the Leadership Principle we would all be gravely at risk, and our valiant fighting forces would be Stabbed in the back!!!

Clearly Now More Than Ever the Department of Homeland Security should be rounding up these evil doers and buring down all of their long houses to keep america safe from their ilk!!!!

Long Live The Greatest Military Leader EVER!!!! The defender of the Faith! The keeper of Americana!!! The Fount of All Family Values!!! The One Holy and Set Asside by the Divine Will!!! without whom we would be overrun by the Iraqi Flying Saucers.

Long Live The American Way That IS the NEW DAY which only The Greatest Military Leader EVER!!! Can give us!

or it could be a case where I am slighly over-reacting...

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