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Radical Left Wing Wall Street Type Punished BY GOD!!!

Jack Abramoff, the onetime flamboyant lobbyist who amassed a fortune by showering gifts on Congressional and executive branch officials while bilking Indian tribes of millions of dollars, was sentenced Thursday to four years in prison.

Judge Ellen S. Huvelle of Federal District Court here ordered that Mr. Abramoff serve the time for corruption and tax offenses uncovered by an influence-peddling investigation that touched Republican leaders in Congress and midlevel officials in the Bush administration, among others. Judge Huvelle said Mr. Abramoff had engaged in “a consistent course of corrupt conduct.”

[ cf Abramoff Gets 4 Years in Prison for Corruption ]
or was that suppose to be
Brutal Vicious Radical Judicial Activists Engage In Heinous Persecution Of White Christian America
or was this just one more reason that americans should restore the dignity to the white house and end the years of vicioius and brutual liberalism that has been a corrupting influence....

Or ....

Or ....

Remember folks, this IS what the troops are fighting for...
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