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Say YOU were surprised?

We noticed last week that it was awfully peculiar that Colorado’s U.S. Attorney, Troy Eid, had so airily dismissed conspiracy charges against the three white-supremacist tweakers who were caught planning to assassinate Barack Obama at last week’s Democratic National Convention in Denver.
[ cf FBI Wanted Obama Plotters Charged, But A Rove Appointee Said No ]
And in case you did not have the time to do the actual analysis of the Sarah Moments:
Enormously gratifying to see how many bloggers have found my book NIXONLAND illuminating of Sara Palin's speech last night, and of the Republicans' convention narrative generally. It really is textbook: Rudy Giuliani braying how Sara doesn't wear a mink coat, she wears a respectable Republican cloth parka; Sara herself, with a genial fury that frankly recalled for me Ronald Reagan at his most effective, pulling out all the stops for the pity-party strategy I describe in the book thusly:
[ cf Sarah's Trigonetry ]

What if americans had to grow up, and deal with life in the adult world without the Hope that the Majikal Nixon will come along and save them....

Hey Kids, in a time of 'war' wouldn't the process of protecting those who are engaged in Terrorist Acts, well, uh, one of those Really UnNice things??? What if the folks who once thot that the nation was more at war than ever before had to live with their own definitions....

And then, who knows, maybe the folks who had been supporting Klinton in his wars, but not in his domestic politics, will get a chance to work out where DO they and their other liberal friends will be able to finally learn to cope with all of this...
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